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Descriptions of the Temperament Colors

Blue - Rationals (NT)

Blue - the color of cold clear:
Thought, Logic and Perception

Scientist, computer genius, nerd
Expected distribution in population
between 5% and 7%
Goals in life
  • Understand everything
  • Question anything
  • Have novel insights
  • Independence
  • When we appreciate the power of careful, more or less solitary thinking, the kind of scrutiny that questions everything from the ground up in the hope of building a better idea, organization or whatever, we can sympathize with the Rationals.  
  • We can also appreciate the bravery and the loneliness of these long-distance thinkers, who ponder everything and desperately (and hopelessly) seek complete understanding of everything, an impossible but beloved goal of the Rationals.
  • Thinking, reasoning
  • Inquiry and questioning everything
  • Logic, structure
  • The "big picture" 
Dislikes and irritants
  • Routine
  • Following illogical instructions,
    traditions or rituals
Typical concerns
  • Time for independent investigation, questioning, thinking and logical development.
What others may not like about Rationals
  • Irritate others by frequently seeing interesting ideas or directions of development uninteresting to others.
  • Can become locked into a search for the ultimate and perfect answer, procedure, etc. when no one else cares about the subject.
  • Seem arrogant to others at times -- Sometimes deliberately choose to ignore rules or others' wishes or concerns.  Focus instead on their own, more strictly logical picture of what is going on and what should be achieved in the future.  
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