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Descriptions of the Temperament Colors

Magenta - Idealists (NF)

Magenta - the color of Intuition and the Transcendent

Prophet, wizard, thesbian,
intuitive counselor, Jedi Master
Expected distribution in population

between 5% and 8
Goals in life
  • Harmony
  • Good emotions
  • Using intuition
  • Know self better
  • When we realize that everyone has emotions, that emotions are probably more immediate and fundamental to human life than purely logical thought, we can appreciate the needs of Idealists and the potential contributions of Idealists' focus on feelings and inspiration or its lack. 
  • Idealists may be especially aware of accepting-attending behavior and note its presence or absence more keenly than others. 
  • Idealists are often instrumental in creating more harmonious relations in the workplace and in boosting morale.
  • Expect Idealists to seek ways they can please or delight others.
  • Feelings
  • Harmony between people
  • Spirituality and imagination
  • Interactions with others
Dislikes and irritants
  • Strife and discord
  • Those who value rules or ideas
    more than people
  • Insensitivity to others' feelings or plight
  • Competition
Typical concerns
  • Feelings
  • Atmosphere
  • Caring
  • Morale
What other colors may not like about Idealists
  • Overly sensitive or concerned about other's feelings.
  • May seem ungrounded or flaky
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