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Descriptions of the Temperament Colors
Red - Guardians (SJ)

Red - the color of Authority and Stability

Banker, FBI agent, accountant
Expected distribution in population
between 40% and 45
Goals in life
  • Security
  • Acceptance by others
  • Material goods
  • Authority
  • When we realize that “God is in the details”, that is, that nothing can be done just in general, that everything is in an important sense specific, we can realize the value of Red thinking, Red questions and worries, and Red methods.
  • Good protectors of the status quo, tradition
  • Good at finding fault with new ideas or methods.  This ability can help eliminate "bugs" when developing something new.
  • Structure and rules
  • To be organized
  • To know what is expected and to fulfill those expectations.
  • May like school and being perfect in school work.
  • Often prefer detailed work requiring care and precision.
Dislikes and irritants
  • Change (good protectors of the status quo).
  • People who are too cavalier, too careless. 
  • People who don’t know the rules involved or simply flout them. 
  • Rowdies and rule breakers.
Typical concerns
  • Authorization
  • Details
  • What is expected of them -- their obligations and duties. 
  • Problems and concerns
What other colors may not like about Guardians
  • Guardians can be interested in establishing order in a way that offends or irritates others. 
  • The usual Guardians idea of order and hierarchy can seem like unnecessary baggage or restrictive to other colors.
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