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Descriptions of the Temperament Colors

Yellow - Artisans (SP)

Yellow - the color of Adventure and Artistry

craftsman, artist, party animal,
"real man", warrior,
mountain man, wild woman
Expected distribution in population
between 35% and 40
Goals in life
  • Use immediate impulses
  • Develop skills
  • Have fun, adventure
  • Escape boredom 
  • When we realize that all animals live in motion, when we appreciate the energy and flow of bodies with a strong need to move, play and compete, we can better sympathize with Artisans. 
  • Artisans often excel at speedy trouble-shooting, especially in unprecedented and baffling situations. 
  • They may learn very quickly (but may forget quickly, too.) 
  • Their ability to negotiate can serve as a model to others as to how to create their own alternatives in goals, content and requirements that meet their needs.
  • Do well in situations that allow for physical action; jokes; short-term, high-impact presentations or activities. 
  • Artisans are naturals at "angling for a deal."
  • Action
  • Sensational things
  • Fun
  • Competition

  • Making a strong, immediate impact on others.
Dislikes and irritants
  • Being bored
  • Inaction
  • Being pinned down.
  • May dislike school, lessons, books, extended explanations or discussion.
  • Detail, formality or complexity that others see in a task or project.
  • Self-revelation or analysis.
Typical concerns
  • Problem-solving.
  • Sizing up people quickly.
  • Being good at something.
  • Repetition in practice is okay.
What other colors may not like about Artisans
  • Can be oblivious to over-all patterns that are apparent to others.
  • They may seek to stimulate competition that others find burdensome.
  • Not serious enough.
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