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Personality Type
(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
ISTJ I Save Things Judiciously
I Suit Tax Jobs
ISTP I See The Problem
ESTP Everyone Seems Too Proper
Extraordinarily Smooth Talking Person
ESTJ Execution Saves The Job
Everyone Seems Too Juvenile
ISFJ I Serve Family Joyfully
ISFP I Seek Fun & Pleasure
I Secretly Feel Pastoral
ESFP Entertaining, Sparkly, Friendly Person
ESFJ Extra Special Friendly Joiner
Earthly Service Feels Just
INFJ Inner Nuances Foster Journeys
Imagination Never Feels Juvenile
INFP I Never Find Perfection
I Need Feeling People
Inner Nuances Fuel Possibilities
Imagination Never Fails People
ENFP Everyday, New Fantastic Possibilities
ENFJ Everyone Needs Fulfillment & Joy
INTJ It's Not Thoroughly Justified
INTP It's Not Theoretically Possible
I Need To Plan
ENTP Every New Thought Propels
ENTJ Executives Need Tough Jobs

From Life Types -
by Sandra Krebs Hirsch and Jean Kummerow


[Please Understand Me II]
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[Please Understand Me II]

[Portraits of Temperament]
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[Portraits of Temperament]

[People Patterns]
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[People Patterns] 

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Please Understand Me II  

by Dr. David Keirsey

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[Please Understand Me II] 

[Please Understand Me II]

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Temperament Types

People Patterns  

by Dr. Stephen Montgomery

"Finally, somebody has
gotten it right!"

-- Dr. David Keirsey

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[People Patterns]

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Temperament Types

Portraits of Temperament  

by Dr. David Keirsey

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[Portraits of Temperament] 

[Portraits of Temperament]

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