Music  of the  Mythos
Music that captures the Essence and Majesty
of the Eternal Mythic Quest

by William Wilde Zeitler

A moving collection
of peaceful songs
for relaxing, meditating,
and dreaming...

For Glass Armonica
wine glass chorus

Composed and performed by
William Wilde Zeitler

To create the wine glass chorus used on several tracks on
Songs from Earth
( Beauty, Vision, and Peace ),
William purchased several cases of wine glasses of various sizes;
then, in his studio, he filled the wine glasses with water, tuned each
and recorded them one by one
until he had built up a chorus of as many as
15 wine glasses playing simultaneously. . .

"A perfect 'go to sleep', massage, bubble bath album."

This relaxation album envelops you in a cocoon of serenity,
gently guiding you to a feeling of deep inner peace.
Each song takes you to an even deeper level of relaxation.

Ideal for yoga and massage, floating through traffic jams
and the other stresses of modern life,
or for drifting blissfully off to sleep at the end of your day.
Because it is a go-to-sleep/massage album,
there are no loud or fast passages whatsoever.

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Track Titles
( Free 30 second samples )
1. Invocation (2:16)
2. Desire (3:44)
3. Hope (4:23)
4. Sorrow (3:24)
5. Soul (5:01)
6. Joy (2:31)
7. Beauty (4:16)
8. Imagination (4:27)
9. Vision (3:49)
10. Compassion (5:28)
11. Wisdom (4:21)
12. Peace (6:43)

Total playing time: 51 minutes
(Released 6/2001)

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